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euclid3D.c File Reference

#include <gandalf/vision/euclid3D.h>


Gan_Bool gan_euclid3D_build_quaternion (Gan_Euclid3D *euc, double TX, double TY, double TZ, double q0, double q1, double q2, double q3)
 Fill parameters of Euclidean transformation.
Gan_Bool gan_euclid3D_build_exponential (Gan_Euclid3D *euc, double TX, double TY, double TZ, double rx, double ry, double rz)
 Fill parameters of Euclidean transformation.
Gan_Bool gan_euclid3D_build_angle_axis (Gan_Euclid3D *euc, double TX, double TY, double TZ, double angle, double ax, double ay, double az)
 Fill parameters of Euclidean transformation.
Gan_Bool gan_euclid3D_build_matrix (Gan_Euclid3D *euc, double TX, double TY, double TZ, double Rxx, double Rxy, double Rxz, double Ryx, double Ryy, double Ryz, double Rzx, double Rzy, double Rzz)
 Fill parameters of Euclidean transformation.
void gan_euclid3D_ident_q (Gan_Euclid3D *euc, Gan_Rot3D_Type rot_type)
 Fills a structure with an identity Euclidean transformation.
Gan_Euclid3D gan_euclid3D_ident_s (Gan_Rot3D_Type rot_type)
 Return identity Euclidean transformation.
Gan_Bool gan_euclid3D_scale_q (Gan_Euclid3D *euc_src, double scale, Gan_Euclid3D *euc_dest)
 Scales Euclidean pose parameters.
Gan_Euclid3D gan_euclid3D_scale_s (Gan_Euclid3D *euc, double scale)
 Scales Euclidean pose parameters.

Detailed Description

Module: Euclidean 3D geometry

Part of: Gandalf Library

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