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gan_err_trace.c File Reference

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <gandalf/common/allocate.h>
#include <gandalf/common/gan_err_trace.h>


Gan_ErrorTracegan_et_push (Gan_ErrorTrace *et_top, const char *func_name, int err_code, const char *file_name, int line_number, const char *message, int number)
 Pushes a new error recorded onto error trace.
int gan_et_get_record_count (Gan_ErrorTrace *et_record)
 Counts number of records in trace from specified starting point.
Gan_ErrorTracegan_et_get_record_next (Gan_ErrorTrace *et_record)
 Returns pointer to next non-spare error record after et_record.
Gan_ErrorTracegan_et_get_record_first (Gan_ErrorTrace *et_record)
 Returns pointer to first non-spare error record from et_record.
Gan_ErrorTracegan_et_flush_trace (Gan_ErrorTrace *a_record)
 Flush all errors in error trace.

Detailed Description

Module: Error trace

Part of: Gandalf Exception Handling

2005/10/18 16:30:47
Copyright: (c) 2000 Industrial Research Limited

Errors are stored for later retrieval by storing their details onto a stack, implemented as a linked list. A record of the linked list is the struct ET_TRACE defined in gan_exception_trace.h. Stack contents are arranged in order of age, starting with the most recent error at the top. The stack is referenced by the module level variable et_trace.
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