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mat_diagonal.c File Reference

#include <stdarg.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <gandalf/linalg/mat_diagonal.h>
#include <gandalf/linalg/mat_symmetric.h>
#include <gandalf/linalg/mat_gen.h>
#include <gandalf/linalg/vec_gen.h>
#include <gandalf/linalg/clapack.h>
#include <gandalf/linalg/cblas.h>
#include <gandalf/common/numerics.h>
#include <gandalf/common/allocate.h>
#include <gandalf/common/misc_error.h>


Gan_SquMatrixgan_diagmat_set_size (Gan_SquMatrix *A, unsigned long size)
 Set square matrix to be diagonal with given size.
Gan_SquMatrixgan_diagmat_fill_va (Gan_SquMatrix *A, unsigned long size,...)
 Fill diagonal matrix from variable argument list.
Gan_SquMatrixgan_diagmat_fill_const_q (Gan_SquMatrix *A, unsigned long size, double value)
 Fill a diagonal matrix with constant value.
Gan_Bool gan_diagmat_read_va (const Gan_SquMatrix *A, unsigned long size,...)
 Read the elements of a diagonal matrix into pointers.
Gan_SquMatrixgan_diagmat_diag_thres (Gan_SquMatrix *A, unsigned null_space, double thres, int *indexptr, double **elptr)
 Threshold small diagonal elements of a diagonal matrix.
Gan_SquMatrixgan_diagmat_inv_diag_thres (Gan_SquMatrix *A, unsigned null_space, double thres)
 Invert the elements of diagonal matrix.
Gan_Matrixgan_diagmatI_lmult_inf_q (const Gan_SquMatrix *A, Gan_Matrix *B, Gan_Matrix *C)
 Left-multiply the inverse of a diagonal matrix by a generic matrix.
Gan_SquMatrixgan_diagmat_form_gen (Gan_SquMatrix *A, unsigned long size, double *data, size_t data_size)
Gan_SquMatrixgan_diagmat_fill_vap (Gan_SquMatrix *A, unsigned long size, va_list *aptr)
 Fill diagonal matrix with values from variable argument list.

Detailed Description

Module: Diagonal matrices (double precision)

Part of: Gandalf Library

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