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mat_square.c File Reference

#include <stdarg.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <gandalf/linalg/mat_square.h>
#include <gandalf/linalg/mat_symmetric.h>
#include <gandalf/linalg/mat_diagonal.h>
#include <gandalf/linalg/mat_scaledI.h>
#include <gandalf/linalg/mat_triangular.h>
#include <gandalf/linalg/mat_gen.h>
#include <gandalf/common/misc_error.h>
#include <gandalf/common/endian_io.h>




void gan_squmat_free (Gan_SquMatrix *A)
 Function to free square matrix.
void gan_squmat_free_va (Gan_SquMatrix *A,...)
 Free a NULL terminated variable argument list of square matrices.
Gan_SquMatrixgan_squmat_set_type_size (Gan_SquMatrix *A, Gan_SquMatrixType type, unsigned long size)
 Set type and size of square matrix.
Gan_SquMatrixgan_squmat_fill_vap (Gan_SquMatrix *A, Gan_SquMatrixType type, unsigned long size, va_list *aptr)
 Fill square matrix from variable argument list.
Gan_SquMatrixgan_squmat_fill_const_q (Gan_SquMatrix *A, Gan_SquMatrixType type, unsigned long size, double value)
 Fill square matrix with constant value.
size_t gan_squmat_data_size (Gan_SquMatrixType type, unsigned long size)
 Returns size of data array needed to create a matrix of given type & size.
Gan_SquMatrixgan_squmat_fscanf_q (FILE *fp, Gan_SquMatrix *A, char *prefix, int prefix_len)
 Read square matrix from ASCII file.
Gan_Bool gan_squmat_fwrite (FILE *fp, const Gan_SquMatrix *A, gan_uint32 magic_number)
 Write square matrix to binary file.
Gan_SquMatrixgan_squmat_fread_q (FILE *fp, Gan_SquMatrix *A, gan_uint32 *magic_number)
 Read square matrix from binary file.
Gan_SquMatrixgan_squmat_form_gen (Gan_SquMatrix *A, Gan_SquMatrixType type, unsigned long size, double *data, size_t data_size)
void gan_squmat_db (const Gan_SquMatrix *A)

Detailed Description

Module: Square matrices (double precision)

Part of: Gandalf Library

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