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movie.c File Reference

#include <string.h>
#include <gandalf/image/io/movie.h>
#include <gandalf/image/io/image_io.h>
#include <gandalf/common/misc_error.h>
#include <gandalf/common/allocate.h>


Gan_MovieStructgan_movie_new (const char *directory, const char *basename, int no_digits, const char *suffix, int first, int no_images, Gan_ImageFileFormat file_format)
 Create new movie structure for image sequence I/O.
void gan_movie_set_step (Gan_MovieStruct *movie, int step)
 Sets step attribute of movie structure.
void gan_movie_set_crop_window (Gan_MovieStruct *movie, int crop_xlow, int crop_xhigh, int crop_ylow, int crop_yhigh)
 Sets crop window attribute of movie structure.
void gan_movie_free (Gan_MovieStruct *movie)
 Frees a movie structure.
char * gan_movie_image_name (Gan_MovieStruct *movie, int number, char *string, unsigned slen)
 Builds the full name of an image in a movie.
Gan_Imagegan_movie_image_read (Gan_MovieStruct *movie, int number, Gan_Image *image)
 Reads an image from an image sequence.
Gan_Bool gan_movie_image_write (Gan_MovieStruct *movie, int number, Gan_Image *image)
 Writes an image to an image sequence.

Detailed Description

Module: Image movie definitions and functions

Part of: Gandalf Library

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