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The Test Framework

There is extensive testing code in the gandalf/TestFramework directory. A simple way to test your installation of Gandalf is to execute the following commands:-
      cd gandalf/TestFramework
      ./cUnit -all
This compiles the main Gandalf test program cUnit and runs through all the tests. There is at least one test program for each Gandalf package.

You can also build test programs individually by cd'ing into a Gandalf package and typing the command make all. For instance, the commands

      cd gandalf/common
      make all
will compile all the test programs in the Common package, and run the linked list test program. The main test program TestFramework/cUnit.c compiles and links with all the individual test programs in the Gandalf packages.

Input files are all in the gandalf/TestInput directory. Output files are written into the gandalf/TestOutput directory. Test programs are designed to purge any old TestOutput files before running the test program.