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Other types of fixed size vector

As well as floating point coordinates, integer vectors are often useful. Although Gandalf does not currently provide sets of functions handling vectors with integer coordinates, structures are defined as follows
      /* structure definition for unsigned character 3-vector */
      typedef struct Gan_Vector3_uc
         unsigned char x, y, z;
      } Gan_Vector3_uc;

      /* structure definition for short integer 3-vector */
      typedef struct Gan_Vector3_s
         short x, y, z;
      } Gan_Vector3_s;

      /* structure definition for unsigned short integer 3-vector */
      typedef struct Gan_Vector3_us
         unsigned short x, y, z;
      } Gan_Vector3_us;

      /* structure definition for integer 3-vector */
      typedef struct Gan_Vector3_i
         int x, y, z;
      } Gan_Vector3_i;

      /* structure definition for unsigned integer 3-vector */
      typedef struct Gan_Vector3_ui
         unsigned int x, y, z;
      } Gan_Vector3_ui;