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Copy an Image
[Image Package]


Gan_Imagegan_image_copy_q (const Gan_Image *img_s, Gan_Image *img_d)
 Macro: Copy an image.
Gan_Imagegan_image_copy_s (const Gan_Image *img)
 Macro: Copy an image.

Function Documentation

Gan_Image* gan_image_copy_q const Gan_Image img_s,
Gan_Image img_d

Macro: Copy an image.

Result image img_d.
Copy image img_s to image img_d, and return img_d.

Gan_Image* gan_image_copy_s const Gan_Image img  ) 

Macro: Copy an image.

Copied image as a new image.
Allocate and return a copy of image img.

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