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Gan_DPXImageInfoHeader Struct Reference
[Image I/O]

DPX image information header. More...

#include <gandalf/image/io/dpx_io.h>

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Public Attributes

Gan_Bool data_sign
 whether the data is signed or not
gan_uint32 ref_low_data
 reference low data code value
gan_float32 ref_low_quantity
 reference low quantity represented
gan_uint32 ref_high_data
 reference high data code value
gan_float32 ref_high_quantity
 reference high quantity represented
gan_uint8 descriptor
 descriptor of image element
Gan_DPXTransferCharacteristic transfer
 transfer characteristic
Gan_DPXColorimetricCharacteristics colorimetric
 colorimetric characteristic
unsigned int bit_size
 bit size; 0 means default
Gan_Bool packed
 whether to data is packed
gan_uint16 encoding
 encoding for element
char description [32]
 desciption of element

Detailed Description

DPX image information header.

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