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Gan_DPXTVHeader Struct Reference
[Image I/O]

DPX TV Header section structure. More...

#include <gandalf/image/io/dpx_io.h>

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Public Attributes

gan_uint8 field_num
 field number
gan_uint8 video_signal
 video signal standard
gan_float32 hor_sample_rate
 horizontal sampling rate in Hz
gan_float32 ver_sample_rate
 vertical sample rate in Hz
gan_float32 frame_rate
 temporal sampling rate or frame rate in Hz
gan_float32 time_offset
 time offset from sync to first pixel
gan_float32 gamma
 gamma value
gan_float32 black_level
 black level code value
gan_float32 black_gain
 black gain
gan_float32 break_point
gan_float32 white_level
 reference white level code value
gan_float32 integration_times
 integration time(s)

Detailed Description

DPX TV Header section structure.

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