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Gan_PseudoInverseStruct Struct Reference
[Pseudo-Inverse of a General Size Matrix]

#include <gandalf/linalg/pseudo_inverse.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

Gan_SquMatrix SaaT
Gan_Matrix SabT
Gan_SquMatrix L
Gan_Matrix X
Gan_Bool solved
 boolean variable indicating whether solution has been computed
Gan_Vector a
 individual vectors
Gan_Vector b
 individual vectors
 constraint matrices
 constraint matrices
int null_space
 null-space dimension
double ratio_thres
 singular value ratio threshold
int low_values_allowed
 number of low singular values allowed
 left singular vectors of SaaT
Gan_Bool alloc
 whether this structure was dynamically allocated

Detailed Description

Structure to hold accumulated matrix/vector for computing pseudo-inverse equation solution

Member Data Documentation

Gan_SquMatrix Gan_PseudoInverseStruct::L

Cholesky factorisation of SaaT

Gan_SquMatrix Gan_PseudoInverseStruct::SaaT

accumulated sum of vector outer products a*a^T

Gan_Matrix Gan_PseudoInverseStruct::SabT

accumulated sum of vector outer products a*b^T, as well as holding the solution matrix X

Gan_Matrix Gan_PseudoInverseStruct::X

solution matrix

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